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Please choose between the Premier or Standard Business Starter Kit, which is a requirement to conduct your Tomboy Tools business. You also have the option to choose between 2 different levels of Personal Websites. Standard level is billed on a per month basis and Business Card level is billed a $24 annual fee on your anniversary date.


Premier Business Starter Kit

Your Tomboy Tools Premier Starter Kit is packed with the essential tools, accessories and business training materials to get your business started. 

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Standard Business Starter Kit

(#51346) You can start your Tomboy Tools business for $139, plus tax & shipping with our Standard Business Starter Kit which includes our most popular tools, as well as the necessary business materials to get your business started.


Standard Business Starter Kit Includes:

  • Tomboy Traveler
  • 4v Mini Driver
  • 5-in-1 Paint Tool
  • Ergonomic Paint Roller and Covers
  • Picture Perfect Level
  • Mini Tape Measure Key Chain
  • Demo Board
  • 10 HMS Cards
  • 50 Catalogs, 50 Guest Order Forms and 3 Host Packets
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Home Management System Starter Kit

You can start your Tomboy Tools Home Management System  (HMS) business for $29, plus tax & shipping with our HMS Starter Kit which includes:

  • 25 Catalogs
  • 25 Order Forms
  • Mini Tape Measure Key Chain
  • Downloadable HMS Material



Standard Personal Website

The Standard Level PWS features a fully functional website and Back Office management system. This will have the same look and feel and functionalities as the Tomboy Tools corporate website. It will allow you to add personalized information to your About Me, My Events and Contact Me pages. Other features also include your Online Store and the ability for customers to contact you through the Opportunity and Host a Tool Party pages. It will mirror the Tomboy Tools corporate website, resources, pages, links, tips, etc. There is also an online Host Center for your Hosts to utilize while preparing for their Tool Party. You’ll also receive a professional e-mail address.




Business Card Website

The Business Card Level PWS will allow you to access the Back Office management system. This static website will have the same look and feel as the Tomboy Tools corporate home page but will not have any functionality except to give you the ability to add your contact information and allow you to login to the Back Office to place and view orders, various business documents and training materials. This will be the minimal requirement for all existing and new Consultants. When subscribing to this option, your customers can contact you through an e-mail address or phone number to place orders, discuss monthly specials, the business opportunity, etc.