Project Home is a unique, one-of-a-kind direct sales business that helps inspire and empower women to feel more confident. Our value-driven business model has taken women looking to work from home or for the opportunity to gain confidence in what they do to new levels over the last several years. Project Home continues to experience more women wanting to take the next step into being their own business owner as well as feeling passionate in what they do. Recognized as one of the Top 100 Brilliant Companies by Entrepreneur Magazine, Project Home is not just a concept or trend, it's an ideal business that will inspire women in multiple ways.

The friendships you will develop through your Project Home business will last a lifetime.

Great way to:

  • Pay off those credit cards and other debt
  • Take your family on vacations
  • Save for education and retirement
  • Receive tax incentives
  • Create wonderful friendships and a community of women

Ready to be inspired?

Call our office toll free at 1.866.260.1893 or CLICK HERE to join!